Smart Factory

1. Infrastructure Layer:< span style="font-size:12.0000pt">isEnterprises establish wired or wireless factory networks to realize automatic issuance of production instructions and communication of equipment and production line information. Automatic acquisition; form an integrated workshop networking environment to solve the problems between devices with different communication protocols, as well as PLC, CNC font>、Robots, Instruments/Sensors and Industrial Controls/ITNetworking problems between systems, etc.

2.  Smart Gear Layer:ProvideMainly includes intelligent production equipment, intelligent testing equipment and intelligent logistics equipment.

3. Intelligent production line layer: IntegrationDuring production and assembly, the font face="宋体">Automatically collect data on production, quality, energy consumption, equipment performance (OEE), etc. Realize automation and intelligence.

4.  Smart workshop layer: On the basis of equipment networking, the Traceability, reduction of WIP inventory, application of human machine interface (HMI), and Industrial Flat Panel and other mobile terminals to realize the paperless production process.

5. Factory control layer: monitor the production process and gain real-time insight through the production command system The operation of the factory realizes the collaboration and resource scheduling among multiple workshops.