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How can the metal laser cutting machine make the plate cutting smoother?

Many users want to maximize the effect of a new laser cutting machine and cut out the perfect effect when they buy a new laser cutting machine, but often they cannot achieve the ideal effect when they first use the laser cutting machine. why?
There are several reasons:
First, I don’t know enough about the whole machine, because in addition to the main machine, the metal laser cutting machine also has a matching laser, a chiller, and the use of oxygen/nitrogen. They all need to be coordinated to achieve the best cutting effect.
Second, after the merchants have finished training, they have not really mastered the usage of the machine, and the operation is not proficient.
Third, the cutting principle of the metal laser cutting machine is relatively vague. If you do not know the cutting principle of the machine, it is just like not understanding how a car drives. You must fully understand the structure of the car and the principle of motion to better control the car, so The same is true for laser cutting machines. It is necessary to know the cutting principle in order to cut high-quality workpieces. This requires more knowledge of the cutting principle of laser cutting machines.  
Fourth, unfamiliar with metal laser cutting machine cutting software. We all know that the laser cutting machine has a human-computer interaction platform, which must be set up by the computer to cut the material, so the learning of computer software is also a very important part, which must be mastered.
Fifth, lack of patience. Sometimes the cutting effect of the metal laser cutting machine is not adjusted properly. This is not possible. The machine also has a running-in period. It needs to be patient enough to debug and use, so as to achieve the best state of the machine.
I believe that as long as you overcome the above reasons and have enough patience with the metal laser cutting machine, you will be able to cut the effect you want quickly and well.